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Gabor Richter is a digital photo artist from the Black Forest region of Germany, Villingen-Schwenningen to be exact, who has specialized in digital photo editing over the past few years.

His daily workflow includes photo editing, creating photomontages, high-end retouching, and more ambitious projects from a variety of fields. In addition, he works as an Adobe Influencer, author for professional Photoshop magazines, and Calvin Hollywood’s personal assistant. As a trainer, he holds workshops, produces video trainings, and, therefore, shares his professional knowledge in the area of digital photo editing with up-and-coming photo editing professionals.

Gabor is in his early thirties and, with his fiancée and son, lives a happy, grounded life. He spent most of his time as a child in his parents’ video store. The artistic covers and films awakened his creative side. His favorite way to spend his time in his youth was at an advertising agency in order to immerse himself in the world of graphics. During his school holidays, he worked in the advertising technology branch. However, he decided to pursue training in business management.

In the end, he decided to return to the source of his excitement and began training as a media designer in Rottweil. For him, this was the beginning of an exciting time in his life because, in the advertising field, he could finally let his creativity run free.

There, he gained more Photoshop knowledge and, with it, discovered his passion. In order to immerse himself even more in the world of digital photo editing, he contacted his role model, Calvin Hollywood and moved to the Heidelberg area. Calvin Hollywood is known as one of the best Photoshop trainers, speakers, and photo artists, as well as video trainers, in Germany, and was even awarded the Photoshop Guru Award in the USA. Gabor worked as Calvin’s assistant for four years. Together they attended countless events, lead workshops almost weekly, and were constantly traveling.

Through Calvin, Gabor learned how to photograph better, how to communicate better with models, and how to set up lighting for individual photo shoots. However, his greatest enrichment was discovering how to use his Photoshop knowledge and many new methods for using the program. Gabor now counts as one of the digital photo-editing professionals.

Gabor has belonged to the Adobe Family for a few years where he works as an Adobe Influencer. His non-commissioned works frequently provide for public attention. The photos distinguish themselves through their surreal effect, details, and vivid appearance.

As a video trainer, he is a kind and authentic figure because he shares his knowledge simply and with humor. Due to the fact that his video trainings were received well, further trainings came over time focusing on themes such as work flow from A to Z, creative photo ideas, developing cinema posters, layout creating, and finding creativity. His appearances on the Calvinzie V DVD, as well as at the Photokina Special, count as special highlights. The production and marketing of the DVDs occurred through Calvin Hollywood and video2brain.

For several years, Gabor has written for professional Photoshop magazines, through which he can share the knowledge he acquired. Gabor was also featured with articles and interviews in the USA in the online magazine PDS-Tuts+ and frequently appears in German magazines like Commag of PDS-Tutorials. In addition, Gabor has written for other professional magazines like The Photoshop BIBEL, Digital Photo, Bildbearbeiter, Photoshop Professional, Photoshop Magazine, and Page.

Gabor uses not only magazines and video trainings to share his knowledge, but also live workshops. Gabor also speaks at larger events like TION, Photokina, Canon Road Show, some of which were visited by up to 500 participants in order to present his knowledge.

Gabor is also represented on many social networks like Facebook. There, he makes posts, occasionally shows life behind the scenes, writes about current projects, or his private everyday life. On networks like fotocommunity and 500px he publishes his non-commissioned works. On Behance, Gabor presents entire projects, including Making Ofs, in order to allow the viewers a glimpse of how his photos are created. Gabor uses YouTube for videos, tutorials, Making Ofs, and public announcements.

Gabor is an honest person, who, due to his personable and uncomplicated manner, is well liked by others. Additionally, he is focused and conscientious. He works according to strict time management and is well organized.

If you are interested in working with Gabor, you can reach him by telephone or email. Whether it be commissioned work or cooperation, events or non-commissioned projects of any kind, Gabor is happy to assist in any possible way. Your message is welcome any time.